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Asking Your Girl To Marry You PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Walters   
Friday, 18 March 2011 17:51

Marriage is the union of a loving couple and the symbol of two souls becoming one. Proposing marriage can be somewhat frightening because of the perceived enormity of the situation. It shouldn't be a chore, however. It is a time to express your devotion to your girlfriend and that you intend to be there for the long haul. But when is the right time to propose marriage? How do you do it?

It would be nice if we were biologically programmed to ask for our lady's hand in marriage at a certain age or checkpoint of the relationship, but that is obviously not the case. We all get to a level of readiness at various points, and that time comes when you have decided on a few things. Consider the state of the relationship. Outside of the occasional disagreement (all couples have them), have you and girl experienced smooth sailing? If so, and you have not had to sit down and talk about where the two of you stand, compatibility is probably high between you. Ask yourself if your girlfriend is your best friend. If you can honestly say yes and the thought of always being with her is comforting, you might want to head over to the jewelry store and start looking for a diamond



Before you get ahead of yourself and spring the question without consent, you need to ask your girl's father for his blessing. Bypassing this step is an insult to tradition and to her father's opinion. It would be unwise to create tension before the marriage even gets off the ground. Besides, if you have been honest with yourself about the state of your relationship with your girl, then her dad probably sees things the same way.

When determining how to propose marriage, allow your lady's tastes and personality dictate your actions. For example, if she possesses close and special bonds with her friends and family, propose at a function that they can all attend. Her birthday or a holiday party is a perfect reason to get everyone together so that you can propose on a stage that all acquaintances may share. If she has a penchant for travel, take her to Paris or on a cruise. For a romantic atmosphere, the place where you first met is also a wonderful place to propose.

Proposing marriage is really not an ordeal. In fact, it should be a momentous occasion. Just pay attention to your girlfriend's interests as well as the ease of your relationship and go buy a ring.

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